Sweetwater Police Officer Charged With Drug Possession

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Sweetwater Police Officer Charged With Drug Possession

Sweetwater Cop Drug Crime Charges

This past weekend, a police officer in Sweetewater has been arrested on drug crimes after reportedly buying a bag of crack from a reported drug dealer.

Metro-Dade officers had been conducting surveillance in the area which was known for drug activity. They had noticed an individual who had stopped to speak to a woman who had been standing on the sidewalk. It was there that undercover officers observed the man hand over cash and then was passed a bag that contained crack cocaine. The police report states that they then pulled over the vehicle and noticed that the individual was attempting to hide something in the car.

The individual identified himself as an officer of the Sweetwater police department. He stated that he was not working at the time and appeared nervous and began stuttering. After searching the vehicle, the report states they had found a bag and identified the contents as crack. They had also found other drug paraphernalia and prescription drugs. He was then charged with possession of a controlled substance. He stated that the drugs were not for him, but for his wife.

In South Florida, cases involving drug possession are subject to considerable jail time and can also include high cost fines. Drug crimes are serious felony cases and most often than not, require strong legal representation in order for the full story of those cases be heard and considered in a court of law.

The police report in this Dade county case may appear cut and dry, but as with most matters regarding unlawful possession of controlled substances, there are a number of complexities that need to be examined to understand the full scope of the case, situation and validity of the charges.

The offices of the Ledezma Law Firm have years of experience representing those that have been charged with drug offenses and offer assistance to the accused in order to address the particulars of their case to get them the help they need.

Primarily serving Palm Beach and Broward county residents, the Ledezma Law Firm has represented individuals who required the special time and attention that are needed. Carefully examining the legalities of the search and seizure, and paying close attention to recent changes in the law can often times reveal other facts and orders of procedure that can help their case.