Ledezma Law Firm Opens New Office In Palm Beach Gardens

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Ledezma Law Firm Opens New Office In Palm Beach Gardens

Palm Beach Gardnes Law Firm Opens

The Ledezma Law firm, specializing in family law, criminal defense and personal injury, has opened up a new office in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. 

On April 9th,, 2015, the Ledezma Law Firm opened its doors at their new location in order to provide their combined knowledge, experience and resources in Family Law, Criminal Defense and Personal Injury matters to Palm Beach Gardens and the surrounding areas of Palm Beach County.

The mission of the new Palm Beach Gardens firm will be to carry on the tradition and success of their parent Broward office by providing advocacy, legal representation and guidance on the following practice areas:

  • Criminal Defense – Advocacy for clients who have been arrested or have had criminal charges brought against them.
  • Family Law – Providing compassion and solutions to the many complexities of premarital and post-marriage matters such as Nuptials, Divorce and Child Custody.
  • Personal Injury – Helping clients through the difficult process of recovery and providing legal assistance to obtain the compensation they deserve.

The firm’s family law practice has extensive experience and knowledge in the areas of dissolutions of marriage, child support, alimony and nuptials. The firm has a great reputation in handling complex dissolutions by utilizing forensic accountants and appraisers in formulating arguments to protect their clients’ rights. More importantly, the firm has distinguished themselves from the other law firms by showing compassion and understanding with what is a very difficult time.

The criminal defense division of the firm has accomplished numerous acquittals throughout the firm’s existence. The firm’s success has earned them the reputation as one of the premier criminal defense firms in south Florida.  Some of their notable achievements have included a great number of NOT GUILTY verdicts on DUI, Theft, Burglary and Drug Sale cases.

The Ledezma Law Firm has also provided years of experience in handling personal injury cases ranging from auto accidents to slip and fall injury claims.

Presently, the firm is under the leadership of Ray Ledezma, who has demonstrated a strong dedication to their clients in Family Law and Criminal matters. Mr. Ledezma is being retained to handle serious felony cases in both Broward and Palm Beach County.

Recently, the firm had been highlighted when they provided legal representation in a highly publicized personal injury matter involving officer misconduct by a government agency.  Attorney Ray Ledezma battled against the government’s attorneys resulting in a negotiated lucrative settlement for his client.

Whatever issues may arise, the attorneys at Ledezma Law Firm provide each client with personalized attention that they and their case deserve. Founder Ray Ledezma has vowed to continue the success the Ledezma Law Firm has accomplished and are all committed to diligently providing their collective experience and knowledge in their respective fields for the people of South Florida.