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What To Do When an Accident Happens

In Juno Beach, most of the accidents occur along the stretch of U.S. Highway 1. If an unfortunate accident occurs, you should ALWAYS contact law enforcement. If the person who caused the accident tries to convince you to not call Juno Beach law enforcement, you should ignore them. An investigating officer will complete what is called a crash report and document his/her discussions with all parties involved including any witnesses. It’s very important to tell the officer exactly what happened and what the other parties did. An officer will usually make a determination on who is at fault. On most occasions, the insurance adjuster will rely on the crash report along with their insured’s statement on how the accident occurred and in making a determination on fault.

An injured person should also take a lot of photographs of their vehicle’s property damage and the property damage of the at fault driver’s vehicle. This is extremely important because if the condition of the at fault driver’s vehicle is not preserved then it may be lost. The Ledezma Law Firm will immediately send a preservation of evidence letter to the at fault driver, company he works for and their insurance carrier. If the driver, company or insurance carrier fail to preserve the condition of the vehicle for an inspection then a spoilation of evidence jury instruction may be given by the court which will benefit the Plaintiff. 

If you are hurt from an accident, then you should immediately seek medical attention. In many cases, emergency medical services will be called on scene and the injured person will be brought to hospitals, such as Jupiter Medical Center or Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center. Other times, a person involved in an accident may not immediately feel any pain, but the pain may surface the following day or even days later. Either way, it’s extremely important to seek medical attention and get all your complaints documented.

Lastly, do not speak to the other party’s insurance carrier. The other party’s carrier will likely attempt to speak with you in order to elicit a recorded statement. The other party’s insurance carrier is not on your side, and they are not looking out for your best interest. An injured party should immediately contact experienced legal counsel like the attorneys at the Ledezma Law Firm.  

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