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When you entrust your child to a school or daycare, you rightfully expect that your child will be looked after and cared for by the professionals who are paid to do so. School employees and daycare workers have a responsibility to provide a reasonably safe environment for the children in their care and when they fail to do so, you may be entitled to take legal action. If your young one suffered injuries while at school or daycare, you may feel overwhelmed or unsure of your options.

Types of School/Daycare Injuries

No child should suffer injuries while under the supervision of educational or daycare employees. However, accidents and other incidents can occur when adult supervisors are careless, inattentive, or otherwise negligent. For example, the daycare workers must ensure that the playground that the children are playing on is safe and properly maintained. 

Some of the most common injuries that occur in schools and daycares include:

  • Playground injuries, including falls, cuts, scrapes, broken bones, and head injuries
  • Injuries resulting from falling objects, including books and toys falling from shelves/bookcases
  • Accidents resulting from broken or defective toys, supplies, and other equipment
  • Burns and scalding, resulting from improper use of bottle warmers
  • Strangulation, resulting from lack of supervision or defective playground equipment

In most instances, school and daycare injuries can be attributed to negligence, as employees, supervisors, and other caregivers are required by law to provide a safe, danger-free environment for the children in their care. If your child was injured while at school or daycare, our firm is here to help.

Preventing School & Daycare Injuries

Parents can do many things to help prevent school and daycare injuries. First, parents should thoroughly research a school or daycare’s reputation and capabilities. This can include taking a tour of the facility and making sure that it is clean but to also see how many employees there are per child. Also, are the employees friendly and capable. Unfortunately, many daycare facilities do not have enough workers to watch the children which can lead to inattention and negligence. Also, looking at online reviews from past and current parents can provide quick insight on how a facility is operated.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a daycare accident, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your pain and suffering. The Palm Beach Gardens, Juno Beach and Jupiter personal injury attorneys of The Ledezma Law Firm handle litigation across the state of Florida. Learn more about daycare accident victims’ rights and to discuss the possibility of filing a daycare accident lawsuit by contacting the accident lawyers at the Ledezma Law Firm today at (561) 454-9727.


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