Can Siblings Sue For Wrongful Death In Florida?
Can Siblings Sue For Wrongful Death In Florida?
September 3, 2021
Is It Hard To Prove Wrongful Death?
Is It Hard To Prove Wrongful Death?
September 17, 2021
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How Do You Prove Negligence Wrongful Death?


Wrongful death due to negligence is a tragic and highly emotional experience.  Proving a wrongful death due to negligence can be stressful for loved ones during this traumatic time, so knowing the legal side of things is important.  If you or someone you know thinks that you may have experienced a wrongful death due to negligence then this blog is for you.  How do you prove negligence wrongful death?

What Is NegligenceNegligence

Technically, the definition of negligence is “failure to use reasonable care, resulting in injury or damage to another”.  Putting that definition into the application, negligence occurs when a person or entity fails to use the standard of care that is reasonable in a situation to prevent injury or damage.  Negligence can occur in a multitude of situations, including car accidents, medical malpractice, and even building structure and security.  So, how do you know if a wrongful death should be attributed to negligence?

Proving A Wrongful Death Due To Negligence

Proving that a wrongful death occurred due to negligence requires showing that someone failed to use reasonable care in whatever the situation may be.  If, for example, a medical procedure were to go wrong and result in death then it would be a question of medical negligence.  Figuring out whether or not the medical professionals involved all conducted themselves with the standard of conduct expected would need to be investigated.  The same could be said about someone who is killed in an automobile accident.  This type of death would warrant the same investigation to determine if all parties involved acted with reasonable care or not.

Compensation For A Wrongful Death

Seeking compensation after a wrongful death requires investigation, as well as hiring a competent and knowledgeable attorney.  There are various expenses where family members and dependents may need to be compensated after a wrongful death.  These expenses include funeral expenses, medical bills, loss of wages, loss of support,  and more.  The only way to confidently know what type of compensation is necessary after a wrongful death is to discuss the details with an attorney to see what ways you might be owed for expenses incurred.