How Do You Prove Negligence Wrongful Death?
September 10, 2021
What Constitutes Medical Malpractice In Florida?
What Constitutes Medical Malpractice In Florida?
September 24, 2021
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Is It Hard To Prove Wrongful Death?

Is It Hard To Prove Wrongful Death?

Proving a wrongful death can be difficult, as it can be hard to know who is at fault in various situations.  Different types of wrongful death include motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, product liability, and more.  It is important to know that in the event of wrongful death, there are certain family members that deserve to be compensated.  The type and amount of compensation may differ from situation to situation, which is why consulting a legal expert is the best route to take.  This begs the question, is it hard to prove wrongful death?

Proving wrongful death
What Constitutes A Wrongful Death?

While state statutes will vary slightly from state to state, the simplest way to explain wrongful death is a death that occurs as a result of the wrongful act of another.  “Another” can refer to a variety of people and entities, including instances such as a negligent driver causing a car accident or a defective product malfunctioning and resulting in death.  A wrongful death occurs any time a person’s death can be attributed to the act of someone else and otherwise would not have occurred.

Proving A Wrongful Death

Without legal counsel, it can be difficult to know how to go about proving a death has taken place.  An experienced lawyer knows the framework of the law, and how to prosecute a wrongful death lawsuit in court.  The fact of the matter is that in the eyes of the law, regardless of how apparent death may seem, it will still need to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.  We highly suggest taking the time to speak with an attorney and know your rights as well as how to go about filing a wrongful death suit in your state.

Wrongful Death Compensation

Compensation for wrongful death is essentially damages owed to loved ones, dependents, spouses, etc for expenses incurred due to a death that should not have happened.  These expenses range, and can include anything from funeral expenses to medical bills, to spousal support, lost wages, and so much more.  Compiling these expenses to prove what is owed in damages should not fall on loved ones during this emotional time, that is what lawyers are for in this situation.  Contacting a lawyer that is knowledgeable in filing wrongful death lawsuits will ensure that you receive the full amount of compensation owed to you.   

If you or someone you know has experienced the wrongful death of a loved one, don’t hesitate to contact our office.  We are happy to go over your options with you and help you receive the compensation you deserve.