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The Ledezma Law Firm has helped out the residents of Palm Beach Gardens with all of their personal injury needs. 

Palm Beach Gardens is the location of the PGA National and other golfing events. Palm Beach Gardens is a growing city with many residents. Unfortunately, many vehicle and truck accidents occur on the busy roads of PGA Blvd. and Donald Ross Blvd.

In order to bring a personal injury action, a plaintiff must be able to show the following: Defendant committed a breach of duty either by negligence or intentionally, harm was suffered in the form of either financial or physical harm, and the harm was caused by the defendant’s breach of duty. 

Compensatory Damages:

Past and Future Medical bills

In a personal injury case, a Plaintiff can request both economic and noneconomic damages. Economic damages come in the form of compensation for past and future medical expenses and past loss wages and loss of future earning capacity. For economic damages, the Ledezma Law Firm will gather up all of the injured client’s medical bills and costs to make sure all of the client’s bills related to treatment and costs are taken care of by the defendant’s insurance carrier. The attorneys at the Ledezma Law Firm understand the pain, stress and mental anguish an injured person has to endure from an accident which is why we go above and beyond to make sure our client’s medical bills are fully covered by the defendant’s insurance carrier. 

The Ledezma Law Firm will fight hard to ensure that the defendant’s insurance carrier is responsible for compensating you for any future medical expenses. For example, if due to the accident you received a two-level cervical fusion surgery, depending on your age you will likely have adjacent disc syndrome which is a weakening of the adjacent discs due to the 2 fused levels. As a result, you more than likely will need a future fusion surgery at the adjacent levels and the defendant and their insurance carrier are responsible for this future cost because but for the defendant’s negligent actions, the need for this future surgery would not exist. 


We’ll provide a free investigation into the details of your case and the options you may have available.

Past Loss Wages And Loss Of Future Earning Capacity

Regarding past loss wages and loss of future earning capacity, if the client due to the accident is no longer able to earn the income previously earned a physiatrist will perform a functional capacity evaluation to determine what limitations the client now has as a result of the accident. If there is a permanent injury, then the client’s ability to perform certain daily and work functions will be adversely affected. The services of a vocational expert will be retained to testify to the client’s inability to work in their particular industry based on the client’s permanent injury and results of the functional capacity evaluation. For example, if the injured party is a construction worker making $70,000/year but he seriously hurts his spine then his ability to return to the same line of work will be difficult. This same person will have to find another line of work which may be difficult. He will be compensated for his future loss wages. An economist will assist by testifying to the present value of the future loss wages. 

Pain and Suffering:

Non-economic damages come in the form past and future pain and suffering. However, in order to get past and future pain and suffering a permanent injury is required. Most surgeries will result in a permanent injury. Juries will focus on what an injured person was able to do before the accident and compare it to what they can’t do as a result of the accident. Ledezma Law Firm knows that gathering up “before and after witnesses’ to testify to how the subject accident has affected the injured person is very important. Also important is obtaining photos and/or videos on how active the injured client was before the accident as compared to how they are after the accident. The Ledezma Law Firm can help residents of Palm Beach Gardens with any car/trucking or slip and fall accidents. 

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We’ll provide a free investigation into the details of your case and the options you may have available.