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Battery, Domestic Battery and Aggravated Battery
Some of the Defenses Ledezma Law Firm have successfully utilized:
In Florida, any threat of violence through words or actions created intentionally by one person upon another in a manner that invokes a fear of being in eminent danger is defined as assault. Assault is slightly different than battery because you can be charged with assault even if the threat is not carried out or attempted. Battery occurs when another person is struck, hit, or attacked intentionally and against that person’s will. In the majority of cases we’ve seen over the years, defendants are commonly charged with both assault and battery.
  • Was the assault or battery committed in the act of self-defense?
  • Was the assault or battery committed in the act of self-defense of another person?
  • Was the assault or battery committed in the defense of your property?
  • Was the defendant given consent to make physical contact with the victim?
  • Were your Constitutional rights violated?
  • Does the prosecution lack sufficient evidence?
  • Did law enforcement commit any procedural violations?
  • Was the defendant advised of their Miranda rights?
  • Was the assault committed as a result of an accident?
  • What other factors could demonstrate or prove there was no criminal intent to commit harm?

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  • An excellent, reliable, knowledgeable, considerate, hard working attorney. I would never, ever use another attorney.

    It is rare in this day and age to find an attorney that is dignified, caring and kept me up to date the entire time. He exceeded my expectations, which are quite high. Ray did not miss a beat in any part of the client/attorney relationship. If you need an attorney, this is the attorney you should choose. You will not be disappointed.

  • Great Attorney and cares about his clients.

    Mr. Ledezma assisted me with my battery case and fought hard for me. He did not recommend accepting the first offer and it turned out he was correct. I ended up getting a much better deal which minimized the costs associated with my plea agreement and long-term consequences. More importantly, Mr. Ledezma by his actions really showed he cared and made me feel like I was more then just another client. A great experience and I would highly recommend him for anyone.

  • Very aggressive and cared about getting the nest result.

    I fell down at Walmart about a year ago and hurt my back. I received medical treatment and brought it to Walmart's attention. However, when Walmart received my letter and medical records they said they were not responsible. My friend retained Renier for his personal injury matter and recommended him. When I spoke to Renier he was very helpful and explained the process to me. He didn't make any promises besides he would work very hard to get me a good settlement. He filed a demand letter and negotiated with Walmart for over 6 months when he eventually got me a great settlement. He was great because I was able to call him for questions even on the weekends. I could tell he cared about making me happy and getting me a great result. I highly recommend him to anyone else in my position.

  • Renier got me a great resolution to my case.

    I retained Mr. Ledezma for my DUI case about a month ago. It was my second DUI arrest in a few years. Renier did a great job and explained the process to me and did not make promises he could not keep. There was a chance I would not get another reckless so my expectations were kept at a reasonable level. However, he found some weaknesses in the case and ended up getting me a reckless instead of a DUI conviction. I was impressed with Mr. Ledezma because he was very straightforward and showed that he cared. I would definitely recommend him because he is sincere in his efforts and cares about his clients.

  • Very Capable Trial Attorney

    Renier or "Ray" as he calls himself represented me for a DUI in Palm Beach County and at first I was not thrilled about the idea of going to trial. However, Ray made me feel comfortable and explained the pros and cons of having a trial. We had the trial and he got me a NOT GUILTY. I was very happy but glad that the process was finally over. He could have kept me a bit more informed regarding the discussions he had with the state attorney about my case. Overall though, I would definitely recommend him to someone.

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