Sex Crime Charges Dropped For Another Ledezma Law Firm Client

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Sex Crime Charges Dropped For Another Ledezma Law Firm Client

Ledezma Wins Sexual Crime Case

A good combination of Law and Science were put in place by the Ledezma Law Firm resulting in all charges being dropped against Mr. Linsing Joseph who had been arrested in August of 2014 for sexual battery against a child.  A twelve-year-old minor from Broward Countywas tested positive for an STD and accused Mr. Joseph of having been the only person to have sex with her.

After retaining the services of Attorney Renier “Ray”Ledezma, Mr. Joseph was tested for an STD. The tests came back negative.  The State Attorney’s response to the negative results was that Mr. Joseph had been treated previously for the STD. The team at the Ledezma Law Firm was quick to point out that Florida Law requires a diagnosis of any STD to be reported to the Florida Department of Health.

The attorneys at Ledezma Law also proved that there are no records with the Florida Department of Health that indicated Mr. Joseph of ever being diagnosed with any STD. This left the State Attorney’s office no way of proving that there was ever any sexual relation with the minor who accused Mr. Joseph of this crime.

Any case with a minor child involved with sexual battery is taken very seriously and treated very delicately in Florida and Broward County. Jurors are also extremely sympathetic to the victims of such crimes.

Having the availability of Scientific testing as part of a Defense can be all the difference that it takes.  Cases go unresolved and innocent people are imprisoned every day with no scientific testing available for their defense.

The entire Joseph Family celebrated today as the states attorney office dropped the case.  The use of all the available Science and Technology was able to create a defense that saved an innocent person from being wrongfully convicted of a crime that would follow him for the rest of his life.