Governor Rick Scott signs a 24 Hour Wait on Abortions performed in South Florida

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Governor Rick Scott signs a 24 Hour Wait on Abortions performed in South Florida

new florida bill on abortion

J oining 27 other states, on July 1, 2015, Florida will now require a 24 hour wait before a physician can perform the procedure of an abortion.  In essence, the new law would require women to make two separate trips to a clinic.


Supporters of the bill stress the importance it provides woman to “reflect” on a major decision that can have mental as well as physical effects.  Meanwhile, opponents note the fact that the bill requires an individual to go through additional steps and obstacles in order to go through. This includes taking additional days off work and providing additional child care in order to have the procedure.

The new law does provide for exceptions to the waiting rule for women who have proven through police reports and medical records to be the victim of rape, incest, domestic violence or even human trafficking.

While the law may seem black and white, understanding the nuances and rights of a new law may be something totally different.

People are faced every day with making decisions as complicated as abortion to adoption and custody agreements.  Making sure that you have a competent, caring and compassionate attorney who will guide you through all of the life changing moments is what the team at the Ledezma Law Firm is dedicated to providing for you and your family.