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What Is Considered To Be Personal Injury?


A personal injury claim does not need to be a drastic injury in order to receive compensation.  Any time that a person is injured, by no action or fault of their own, damages can and should be recovered.  Personal injury can occur in a variety of ways from injuries sustained in a car accident, to injuries as a result of an assault.  These types of injuries will obviously require medical attention, and therefore will result in medical expenses that otherwise wouldn’t have been incurred.  This is where it becomes crucial to hire an experienced personal injury attorney to receive the compensation you deserve to cover these costs.  So, what is considered to be personal injury?

Car Accident Personal Injury Cases

The most common type of personal injury cases in the United States are surrounding injuries from a car accident.  When a car accident occurs, it is typically the fault of one driver.  The  driver could be intentionally ignoring the rules of the road, driving under the influence, or driving while distracted, just as a few examples.  Regardless the reason, the negligent or reckless driver responsible should be held financially responsible for property damages as well as personal injuries that result.  These injuries can range from a broken arm, to major surgeries on internal injuries.  No matter how sever the injuries that occur, these are considered personal injury claims and the injured party should not be responsible financially.

Slip and Fall Personal Injury Cases

Slip and fall personal injury claims are another very common claim.  The responsibility owed to a person that is injured as a result of a slip and fall will vary depending on where the fall occurs.  An example would be if a person is renting an apartment, then it is the responsibility of the landlord to keep public areas free of hazards.  Additionally, if a slip and fall occurs at the  workplace, it could be the responsibility of the employer.  Either way, slip and fall injuries qualify as personal injuries and could require damages if the slip and fall could have been avoided.

Medical Malpractice Personal Injury Cases

Personal injuries can also occur as a result of medical malpractice or negligence.  These types of injuries are very unfortunate, but should the physician responsible should still be held liable.  Filing a claim against a physician or hospital will need an attorney who is knowledgable in this area of the law, and can aggressively fight for your rights as a patient. 

Dog Bite Personal Injury Cases 

The majority of dog bite personal injury cases will require that the owner of the dog be held financially responsible for the injuries sustained.  Some cases may hold other, additional, parties responsible as well, such as parents or spouses.  Dog owners have a responsibility to know the behavior of their dog and to ensure that it is appropriately restrained or muzzled when in public according to that behavior.  The law surrounding dog bites or attacks does vary from state to state, however the injuries that occur do deserved to be compensated.

Assault, Battery, and Intentional Personal Injury Cases

Different from all of the other personal injury cases listed above, these types of cases do not result out of an accident or negligence, but are instead intentional in nature.  These personal injury cases can be criminal cases depending on the circumstances.  If a person intentionally injures another, that person may face criminal charges in addition to being held financially responsible for the injuries.  

All personal injury cases deserve to be fairly compensated, and no one should have to experience debt, or other financial hardship, as a result of injuries they did not cause.  Hiring a personal injury attorney may be the best decision you can make.  Call our office today to discuss the compensation you are owed as a result of your personal injury.