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July 21, 2015
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Sticks & Stones – Assault Charges In South Florida
August 17, 2015
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Who Will Fight For Your Legal Innocence?

Who Will Fight For Your Legal Innocence?

Ledezma Law has been very interested in many of the innocence projects that have been created all over this country.

Innocent people have had their freedom returned because of something as simple as a DNA test.
Even the accounts of eyewitnesses are being challenged, as more and more witness recollections are proven unreliable and untrue.
Digging deeper into some of these investigations, we saw that so many of the cases that have been overturned are due to an inadequate defense by a public defender. We all know that public defenders have some of the hardest challenges a job can offer with very little compensation and funding. The problem is that a public defense counselor, as hard as they work for your defense, often cannot provide you with the tools and resources that are available through private counsel.
One big case that stood out in our mind is the story of Mr. Marvin Anderson of Virginia. He was convicted of abduction, forcible sodomy, robbery as well as two counts of rape. This resulted in a 210-year sentence in prison.With the help of one of the Mid-Atlantic innocence project, further DNA testing found that another person had committed the crime. Mr. Anderson was released after spending 15 long years in prison.

As experienced attorneys that have seen the devastation of jail time, we could not imagine a client having to spend even 15 minutes in prison for a crime they did not commit.

At Ledezma Law, our defense attorneys would challenge eyewitness identification procedures, have false confessions thrown out, utilize all scientific resources, have investigators research every angle of the case, and most importantly have the time to prepare for a criminal trial.
The day that funding for public defenders matches the funding and resources provided to a Prosecuting Attorney, would an innocent person convicted of a crime stand a chance. Until that time using a reputable defense attorney provided by our team at Ledezma Law could be the difference between a life sentence and the dismissal of all charges.