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The Problems with DUI

The Problems with DUI

Being convicted for Driving Under the Influence is serious stuff.  Incarceration, loss of driving privileges, fines, and drastically increased insurance cost can all occur, not to mention potentially devastating damage to the  convicted individual’s reputation and future employment prospects.

With checkpoints, the DUI “task force,” Breath Alcohol Testing unit, and video units, Broward County police mean business when it comes to accumulating evidence needed to convict someone of Driving Under the Influence.  Drivers would do well to remember that during a stop for suspected drunk driving, the police officer involved is collecting evidence for potential conviction, not looking for reasons to send the driver on their way.

The argument, and it is a good one, is that drunk driving is dangerous.  But sometimes stops are unwarranted.  Sometimes roadside “agility tests” could not easily be performed by a perfectly sober individual.  Sometimes breathalyzers are not calibrated correctly.   And sometimes, the police will do almost anything to convict a driver.

Unbelievable?  Not for the woman cleared of charges by the Broward State Attorney’s Office after being framed by Broward Police.   After the incident, the police officers themselves faced criminal charges.

A DUI charge may be one of the most common in Broward County, but police and prosecutors mean business.  Drunken driving enforcement has been increasingly vigilant in Broward County, with seven of every eight accused DUI drivers being convicted.  The key to successfully navigating a DUI charge is hiring a professional to represent you.  And because you only have 10 days from the date of your arrest before an automatic suspension goes into effect, you’d better do it fast.

An attorney can help acquire a hardship license, good for driving for work, religious, school, or medical purposes, indeed for “any reason necessary to maintain your livelihood.”  An attorney can challenge your arrest, and if the officer is unable to prove the necessary elements for conviction, your license will be reinstated.

At the Ledezma Law Firm, we defend your your legal rights, your driver’s license, and your freedom if you are arrested for DUI or public intoxication.   Count on us to protect you.