Sticks & Stones - Assault Charges In South Florida
Sticks & Stones – Assault Charges In South Florida
August 17, 2015
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September 15, 2015
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Anger and Accusations

Anger and Accusations

Imagine the police showing up at your door.  You don’t know why they are there, but you soon find out:  you’re being arrested, and charged with some very serious crimes.

Nightmare?  Unfortunately, stark reality for one man recently accused of sexual battery, false imprisonment, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.  This trio of felony charges could put the accused away for decades.

It’s easy to think that such an arrest would occur only after an extensive investigation by police, but the truth is that arrests are often made by law enforcement officers with no physical evidence and no witnesses.  The issue of consent is often times the main allegation against the arrested individual, with the accuser’s statement to police providing the sole basis for the incarceration.  Police can be aggressive with arrests of a sexually motivated crime:  once at trial in the state of Florida, an aggressive prosecutor can use numerous legal approaches to attempt to prove a lack of consent and send the accused to prison.

It’s an awful situation for someone falsely accused.   And, it’s possible that even winning the case at trial would not end all of the consequences—some members of the public may doubt even a ‘not guilty’ verdict by the jury.

Fortunately for this man, he retained the services of the Ledezma Law Firm without delay.  And while Ray Ledezma and his team have a proven arsenal of legal defenses to attack the prosecution strategy in a Florida sex crime, sometimes it is best to simply not go to trial.  That’s one reason why the Ledezma Law Firm employs the services of top-notch criminal investigators.

In this case, a Ledezma Law Firm investigator was dispatched immediately to question witnesses and the alleged victim’s neighbors.  The investigator gathered audio, video, and police reports.  After reviewing the evidence and comparing witness accounts with those of the alleged victim, serious discrepancies were found.

Ray Ledezma had learned that his client was being targeted by a jealous ex-girlfriend.  And, hard as it might be for some to believe that jealousy would be enough motivation to launch such serious criminal accusations against an innocent person, it appeared that was exactly what was happening in this case.

In short, after careful review of all the actual evidence, Ray Ledezma knew the State of Florida could not prove a case against his client.  And the prosecutor agreed:  after being presented the evidence gathered by the Ledezma Law Firm, all three counts were dismissed.

Florida Sex Crimes Legal Defense

If you or someone you know is charged with a sex crime in Florida, you’ll need experienced legal help.  Sometimes that help comes in the form of an attorney who can help defend your case in court.  And sometimes that help is a legal investigator who will objectively gather evidence that may be able to determine that you were wrongfully charged.

Time is of the Essence

The memory of witnesses fade with time, and hard evidence that could help exonerate you may only be available for a short time.  Choosing a law firm that has experience in trying a case like yours is important, but choosing a law firm with the resources to truly pursue your defense immediately is critical.  The Ledezma Law Firm will help you fight.

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